Thursday, March 31, 2011

the want list

So here's the deal...
My sister Sally has a fairly extensive list of "wants." (And by fairly extensive, I mean endless..) Every day her list grows longer, and every minute my patience runs thinner (love ya, Sals! ; ) ). There are only so many times I can hear the words "I want" and "I need" in a 24 hour period without going absolutely crazy. The thing is, the girl's got great taste! And sometimes her "wants" turn into my "wants" as well (although I'll rarely admit it, I'll just steal them from her when she finally gets what she wants!). So from time to time, Sally will be showing off her "want" list here (minus the whining!). And trust me, if the things she chooses make it to this point, they're true "wants," and will most likely become a part of your want list as well!

shashi double nugget bracelet (available here), tory burch metallic logo clutch (available here), o.p.i’s suzi loves cowboys nail lacquer (available here), report signature juno pumps (available here), t by alexander wang classic jersey t-shirt (available here)

I’ve been looking for a simple yet pretty bracelet for quite some time, one that isn’t over-the-top and that won’t weigh me down, and this Shashi one seems to meet my requirements.

While I am well-aware that I have an extensive collection of bags, I believe that there is no such thing as having too many. This Tory Burch metallic logo clutch has caught my eye.

I haven’t had a manicure in a very long time…well maybe it’s only been a week that I have no polish on my nails but still, it’s a long time for me! While Jilly refuses to go to a salon to get her nails done (I really cannot comprehend why someone wouldn’t want to sit and be pampered) I enjoy having my nails polished. O.P.I’s nail lacquer in Suzi Loves Cowboys is a color that I’d love to try.

These nude Report Signature Juno Pumps are perfect. I want.

T-Shirts. I can never have enough t-shirts. I’m loving this T by Alexander Wang Classic Jersey T-Shirt. It looks light enough to wear during the hotter-seasons of the year. It seems like it’s begging to be worn under a black blazer and paired with some dark skinny jeans.

[images via polyvore]

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


j crew chinos, h&m tank, urban outfitters scarf, h&m belt, house of harlow necklace, 
j crew bracelet, steve madden sandals, tiffany rings
Broke-out open-toe shoes - it's about time! After spending quite a while on last night (loving the new Fall 2011 collection, by the way!), I decided to go with something light and airy for today. I ventured into Mommy's closet to rummage through her jewelry and found this bracelet. I love the gold/wood combo! I've had the pants for a while but still find myself reaching for them year after year - another classic, basic favorite that continues to work. So my J. Crew craving's been satisfied..for now! And now that the sandals are back, I need to decide on a new color for my toesies..

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

rebel rebel

rugby jacket, american apparel top, bitten jean shorts, j crew scarf, 
j crew bracelet, kors michael kors heels, tiffany rings
I threw on some heels today, mainly because I needed a little mood-boost (heels can do that, you know!) and partly because I had an early day at school (heels can hurt, too - especially when you're carrying around an extra 10 lbs. of books!). Granted, I may have been slightly under-clothed for the temperature, but I'm not letting a 20 degree void stop me - it's supposed to be warmer! Adding to my spring-rebel look are my Bitten shorts from Sarah Jessica Parker's shortly lived but sorely missed clothing line (sigh).
I've recently become obsessed with the jean-shorts-and-stockings look,
and these shorts are one of the many I have to pull it off!

My scarf and bracelet are both J. Crew. The scarf hardly provides any warmth, but certainly ups the color factor in my otherwise monochromatic wardrobe (I seriously need to inject some brightness..). My bracelet, again, has the same big and chunky jewels I'm loving right now,
pretty edgy for J. Crew, perfect for me! ;)

Off to do some outlining,

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Monday, March 28, 2011


j crew peacoat, oversized cashmere sweater (stolen from mommy's closet), h&m tank,
citizens of humanity jeans, michael michael kors loafers, catherine stein necklace

(the cute little white fluff in the background is my pup B)

Finally ventured outdoors for a picture this morning - the clear sky was too inviting to pass up!
(The sub-freezing temperature on the other hand..That I could've lived without..)
I needed something cozy to get me through another Monday jam-packed with work and class and more work and more class, so I ventured into my Mommy's closet and came across this sweater (which she happened to steal from my Daddy). Just the amount of warmth I needed to get away with nothing but a peacoat on a truly frigid day!

Another new purchase is making its first appearance today - my necklace (If you haven't noticed, I'm a rip-the-tag-off-and-wear kind of girl)! It was super on sale, and came to less than $10! I love chunky necklaces and I'm obsessed with the jewels on this one. It dressed up the first day of the school week!

'Til next time,

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Saturday, March 26, 2011


h&m dress, forever 21 vest, ralph lauren sweater (stolen from mommy's closet), house of harlow necklace, 
kate spade gumdrop earrings (available here), tiffany rings, vintage cocktail ring, joan & david boots

Although I want to fully embrace spring, the leftover winter chill is making it nearly impossible to do so. It's just TOO cold. Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to inject some spring into my wardrobe, I threw on my H&M striped maxi dress. My ode to Prada's spring/summer collection (albeit a muted, wintry version, all wrapped up in a cozy sweater for some much-needed warmth). I'd like to think of it as a reflection of our seasonally-challenged world at the moment - spring hiding beneath a layer of winter.

My new earrings also made their debut!
I love Kate Spade's jewelry collection - the pieces are delicate and feminine and classic.
(Bonus: the earrings match my chunky ring PERFECTLY. It's like they were made for each other!)

Ah, true love. I am quite the matchmaker ;)  

Here's to a weekend spent spring-dreaming,

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


j brand cargos, h&m top, urban outfitters sweater,michael michael kors loafers, 
h&m bag, house of harlow necklace, coach bangle, leather bangle, tiffany rings, rolex watch
A cancelled afternoon class left me with mucho free time (a rarity for a law student). And what better way to spend it than an impromptu shopping trip with Mommy?? Lord & Taylor was our destination, where I perused a fresh selection of spring shoes, hoping to find something to carry me through into warmer weather, or anything that would fit my inappropriately large feet (yes, I'm a size 11..). Today it was Michael Kors to the rescue! After trying a few pairs of flats (too small, too flimsy, too flowery), I spotted these metallic loafers, and they were PERFECT. Just the right amount of support and just the right amount of shine, I finally found my "transition-to-spring-wear-everyday" shoe! (And to top it off, I managed to squeeze into a size 10!). I also picked up some jewelry on my way out, pieces that are sure to be worn in upcoming days, so stay tuned ;)


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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


marc by marc jacobs coat, american apparel cardigan, h&m button-down, 
american apparel top, hudson jeans, j. crew necklace, tiffany rings, ugg boots, leather gloves
I overslept this morning and was greeted by what appeared to be..SNOW? The weather couldn't make up its mind today (snow? sleet? rain? mist?) and honestly, neither could I, so I threw my outfit together in all of 2 minutes before I rushed out the door. My Marc by Marc Jacobs coat is one of the (very few) things I will miss come warm weather. The coat, or "Marc," as we fondly refer to it, is another one of those staple pieces that I adore. Even my lovey is on a first-name basis with Marc, and knows that whenever there's a chill in the air and even the slightest amount of precipitation, Marc will be joining us. So I thank Marc Jacobs, not only for the creative genius he is, but for keeping me cool even in my weakest moments of schlubness.

Oh, and a message to mother nature: pick a season already, will ya?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


forever 21 sweater, h&m skinny pant, hermès scarf, 
coach bangle, h&m bangle, vintage cocktail ring, tiffany rings
The sun was out and the air was dry, so I decided to bring my Hermès scarf out of hibernation. Since middle school, whenever birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket (or, weighing me down - I'm a huge saver), I would splurge on one classic piece. Thankfully I had the sense even at a young age to invest in an Hermès scarf. It's timeless and elegant and transforms my whole look (and mood!) every time I put it on, even in the most simplest of outfits. It's also incredibly versatile - I've worn it as a scarf, belt, head wrap, (even as a top!) on many occasions. Today I decided to twist it up and put my own spin on the turban trend. Perhaps a bit much for a morning spent in the library, but a girl needs something to get her through endless amounts of reading!

No sleep 'til every "to-do" is crossed off my list..HA

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Monday, March 21, 2011

rain rain go away

j brand skinny jean, american apparel top, hazel sweater, 
american apparel rain parka, wild pair combat boots, house of harlow long key necklace, rugby feed bag, tiffany rings
Waking up to the sound of rain at 6:45AM was enough to sober me up from yesterday's spring high. Still, nature's little tease was just what I needed to carry me through another Monday worth of classes - nature, and my new boots, of course! A mini shopping spree over the weekend with my lovey (he's the greatest) left me two pairs of shoes richer and my wallet all the skinnier! I opted for a tan color, hoping it will carry me all the way into summer. So thanks to the brief bursts of joy I got from looking at my feet, I survived the gray day, welcoming any puddles that crossed my path on campus.

Hoping to rendezvous with the sun tomorrow!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

black and gold

American Apparel Top, American Apparel Leggings, Black Riding Boots, Prada Sunglasses, Chanel Belt, Rolex Watch

It was rather beautiful out today, but it still was a bit cold and I’m still stuck in winter-mode (as you can see by my all-black attire). To be completely honest, I threw this outfit together in about three minutes-and I was relatively happy with how it came out! Both the shirt and leggings are from American Apparel, and they both go well with everything. I felt that the outfit was a bit dull for the first day of spring, so I threw on my newly-acquired vintage Chanel belt that I am in love with. I grabbed my sunglasses and my watch (two accessories that I cannot and will not leave home without) and I was on my way!


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forever 21 blouse, h&m tank, american apparel leggings, 
tiffany rings, gold bangle from my grandma, earrings from my lovey's mom
It's GORGEOUS outside. Ignoring the fact that the temperature is still stuck in the 50s, the sun is shining so I'll take it! I thought I would pay homage to the first day of the better half of the four seasons with my outfit. This top from Forever 21 just feels like spring; light, flowery, airy, flowy - makes me want to just twirl and spin and frolic my way into warm weather ahead! To complement my sunny-day-hippy-vibe, I threw on some dangly and shimmery gold accessories: a gold bangle from my grandma, one of the many pieces she's gotten me over the years (more will definitely be making many appearances), and earrings from my boyfriend's mom that I received as a graduation present. All I need are a pair of flats, my Ray-Bans, my Beatles CD and I'm set! (and maybe I'll grab a light jacket, too before I whirl on out the door..)
Happy Spring, everybody!

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ciao bellas,

In true 'sisterly fashion,' we share laughter, we share stories, we share secrets. 
and, most importantly, we share (or, more truthfully, steal) each other's clothes.
And now we're sharing them all with you!

We've amassed quite a collection growing up, and now 
every day is a more polished, grown-up version of dress-up!
(with the same amount of mess, of course. You should see our rooms..)

From clothes to makeup to hairstyles and back again,
we change up our styles almost daily,
but always remain true to our individual tastes.

You will rarely see us decked-out head-to-toe in full designer looks, that'd
just be too easy! (and frankly, uncomfortable!) We like to put our own spin on things.
We believe in mixing: cheaper finds with more expensive, classic pieces.

As our closets grow and shrink at the same time, 
and as we continue to (hopefully!) inspire
and be inspired, come hang out with us! 
(we'll be sure to post plenty of our other fave things along the way)
 and see just what it's like to share in the fun/craziness of being sorelle
(but, no, sorry, you can't borrow that shirt.)

le sorelle
j & s

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