Wednesday, July 27, 2011

heavy metal

j. crew romper, betsey johnson necklace (available here), j. crew ribbon necklace, hermès bracelet, steve madden wedges (available here),
marc jacobs bag, ralph lauren sunglasses, h&m ring (seen here), silver bracelet from mexico (stolen from mommy's closet)

I swoon over chunky jewels. Seriously. The chunkier, the better. So lovey done good this time - reaaaal good.
I opened a box filled with goodies that he got me for my birthday, and found this necklace all wrapped up at the bottom! He's the cutest.

So I decided to chunk it up with all of my accessories: the gold/silver bracelet combo, the chunky wedges, the ring, even the bag. Just don't ask me to walk through any metal detectors. I'd have those babies buzzing like crazy.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

pucci pucci coo

emilio pucci skirt, zara blouse, hermès bracelet,
juicy couture bracelet (available here)
juicy couture horseshoe charm (available here),
juicy couture iced tea charm (available here),
juicy couture necklace (worn as a bracelet - available here),
ray ban wayfarers (available here), chanel bag,
h&m wedges, h&m ring, turquoise bracelet from a boutique in EH,
orange hat (stolen from mommy's closet)

Hi guys, hope you all had an awesome weekend!

It seems all I can tolerate lately is sheer clothing and as little fabric as possible - it's so super hot outside. I dug this Pucci skirt out of the archives - one of my first-ever purchases from (thanks, high school me!) It's colorfulpatternfulmicromini perfection! Me likey.

I couldn't resist the orange hat and chunky jewels. What do you guys think??

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

the want list

forever 21 fedora, wildfox lightning cutoff tank, topshop fluorescent yellow triangle bikini, one teaspoon grease stain shorts (available here),
tory burch canvas tote (available here), tory burch flip flop, fresh sugar honey tinted lip treatment, karen walker eyewear helter skelter sunglasses (available here), butter london nail polish in jaffa (available here), stila stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner (available here)

While the temperatures are inching closer and closer to the hundreds, our clothes are getting shorter and shorter. What better way to cool off by lounging by the beach!? Of course, while we may want to wear nothing but our swimsuits, those of us who are style-conscious know that trekking to the beach sans coverups is not an option - besides, a light, extra layer of clothing will give us all an extra dose of fashion!

This forever 21 fedora will provide some extra shade when needed.
The cutoff wildfox tank is perfect for hot days - its lightweight material and style is sure to keep you cool!
Bright colors compliment every skin tone - this topshop bikini is the perfect yellow.
Cutoff shorts are a MUST for every day in the summer, I'm loving these from One Teaspoon.
The bright pink Tory Burch tote is a necessity for the beach - perfect to carry everything in while still being stylish.
Flip flops. Must I stress how crucial flip flops are in one's summer wardrobe!?
It's important to lather your entire body in a high SPF, but many people I know often forget about their lips! This Fresh tinted lip treatment protects your lips while adding a hint of color, too!
Sunglasses are my favorite summer accessory. These Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses are classic!
Bright nails are THE thing for summer, and what better color than this orange?
We all love our eyeliner, but it's the worst when we look in the mirror on a hot day and find that our makeup has vanished - or worse - smeared across our faces! This Stila liner promises to stay on even during the heat! A definite must for the summer!

What are your must-haves for a beach day?!

[images via polyvore]

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Friday, July 22, 2011

banana bread

What to do with extra-ripe-maybe-time-to-toss-b-a-n-a-n-a-s? Bake them into a bread, of course!

This time it was Mommy who did the baking, and we happily partook in the finished product.
So save those bruised bananas, snag a similar recipe here (we ditched the walnuts), and bake up one delicious treat for breakfast (or lunch..maybe dinner..maybe between-meal snacks, too..)!

P.S. We were so excited to receive three awards these past few days! The amazing Sandra from My World (you must check out her awesome nail art) has awarded us with the One Lovely Blog Award and the Top 10 Award! Also, the lovely Tales of a Little Hazzelnut (check out her latest travels!) has awarded us the Best Blog Award! Thanks so much, girls! :)

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

twenty three

little joe by gail elliott dress, hermès collier de chien bracelet, prada wedges, h&m fringe bag, ralph lauren sunglasses

On Tuesday I celebrated my 23rd birthday! (A big thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes!)
It was a relaxing day spent with the people I love the most - and of course, lots and lots of food and presents.

I present you all with the gift I received from my parents: my Hermès bracelet! (Mommy and Daddy, you guys are the greatest!!) I am totally in love with it! (Don't let lovey know - he might get jealous!)

Now I'm off to "enjoy" the current heatwave that's turning the Big Apple into a Baked Apple!
As long as it's à la mode, I'm sure I'll be just fine ;)

P.S. You can check out our interview with Fashion Examiner Maria Garcia today! We hope you guys enjoy it.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

happy birthday jilly!

Jilly turns 23 today! We're off celebrating.
We leave you with this picture of her as a bebe, rockin' the nautical trend.
Fashion-forward even at age 4 ;)

P.S. A huge thank you to Fashion Underwater and  Lil Miss Sauniya for awarding us
 the One Lovely Blog award! You girls are awesome! :D

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Monday, July 18, 2011

plus one

on jilly: cynthia steffe dress, chanel bag, gold bangle from grandma (seen here), castañer wedges (seen here)
on sally: blazer and slacks (stolen from mommy's closet), vintage sandals (seen here), bracelet and necklace from grandma, chanel bag

Sally and Jilly together in an outfit post: a first in sorelle in style history!

Here's what we wore this past weekend to an afternoon christening. (The highlight of which was the dessert - a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwich with a hard chocolate shell - yum!)

As you can see, we both opted for different silhouettes, but kept our looks more casual with our footwear.

As per usual, we accessorized with some of our favorite pieces from Grandma.
To be honest, any smidge of good taste visible in these photos
can be attributed to Grandma - the dress, the suit, the jewelry, even the shoes -
but the goofy face? That's all us ;)

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

the want list

t by alexander wang tank (available here),
j brand 811 mid-rise twill cropped skinny jeans (available here),
proenza schouler medium leather PS1 in teal, chanel nail colour in gold lame,
jennifer zeuner horizontal heart necklace with ruby (available here),
tory burch jude leopard print calf hair pumps (available here),
persol acetate framed sunglasses (available here),
belle noel glam rock ring (available here)

I can guess what you're all thinking: "who wants jeans in the heart of the summer!?" but hear me out - these past few summer nights I've been noticing a chill in the air (along with the dreaded nighttime mosquitos) and I have been wishing that I had a perfect pair of summery jeans to wear. I think I have found that perfect pair. I am loving the bold purple and teal combo lately, and this PS1 is gorgeous. I want. The leopard pumps paired with the gold Chanel polish & Belle Noel ring are perfect accents to this outfit!

[images via polyvore]

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Friday, July 15, 2011

blueberry crumb

Summer means more free time, and more free time means more cooking, so we've decided to dedicate our favorite day of the week to our favorite treats: introducing, Foodie Fridays.

This week we whipped up this scrumptious recipe from the Barefoot Contessa.
Oh Ina, how we love thee. We lightened it up a bit and substituted the sour cream with plain fat free Greek yogurt and used egg whites instead of eggs.

We're sure you have a spare 48 minutes this weekend - now you'll use it wisely!

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