Saturday, August 11, 2012

the want list: back to school

Call me crazy, but I completely lose track of the days in summer. While this may be considered a luxury as I don't have a job or any major responsibilities, I was taken aback when I noticed that summer is basically over. Starting school on September 5th, I still have a little bit of time until I actually have to start acting like a human being and wake up before 3 PM every day.

The one and only thing I like about getting an education would have to be..the back to school shopping. Join me and my upcoming Want Lists, featuring what I strongly believe are necessary purchases for September!

tory burch t-zag hardshell iPhone case (available here), rebecca minkoff cheetah iPhone case (available here), jagger edge montana studded case (available here), incase chrome slider in red copper (available here), rebecca minkoff two-tone python iPhone case (available here), dannijo lindsay case (available here) , rebecca minkoff ostrich case (available here), case-mate glam sparkle iPhone case (available here), dannijo zeila case (available here), tory burch british khaki snake case (available here)

Oh, the iPhone. What would we do without you? How would we Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and be fully connected to absolutely everything everywhere 24/7 if it wasn't for you?! Being that I'm a firm believer in dress-up, it would be unjust if our iPhones couldn't partake in the luxury (the luxury that, along with many other fashionable things, is overpriced yet completely necessary. I'm looking at you, DANNIJO Lindsay).

With that being said, never judge a book by its cover, but always judge a person by their iPhone case. Rocker chic? The Jagger Edge ones are for you. Prepster? The Tory Burch and Kate Spade cases are highly recommended. Hippie Chic? Go the DANNIJO route. You have to look at your phone every day, so why not make it look extra nice, too?

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  1. I wish i had an iphone just for the cases! Love the gold sparkly one! xo

  2. They are all perfect, I couldn´t decide which one I like more!

  3. Definitely agree with you about back-to-school shopping. And I always judge a person by their iPhone case - subconsciously. The Dannijo example is my favorite.
    If you're into unique cases, I'm lusting after some from Society6 (Google it!). No one has anything like them.

    xo Maya

  4. This post inspires me to get an iPhone. Once I do DEFINITELY getting a Dannijo cover :)


  5. i love iphone cases, i just bought a melting icecream one off ebay!



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