Saturday, September 22, 2012

the want list: oh my nails

chanel vertigo, butter london the old bill polish (available here), ysl polish in bleu majorelle (available here), chanel frenzy, dior bond street, chanel graphite, tom ford burnt topaz (available here), ysl khaki arty (available here), chanel peridot, tom ford african violet (available here), nars space odyssey (available here), tom ford burnished rouge, ysl bleu cobalt (available here), chanel vamp, chanel particuliere, nars flight night (available here), chanel vendetta, estée lauder viper (available here), chanel quartz, tom ford silver smoke (available here), dior red royalty (available here)

I'm Sally and I'm a nail-polishaholic. Nothing excites me more than the thought of what colors Chanel and Dior may release next...seriously. I dream about nail polish (in one dream, or should I say, nightmare, I dreamt that Chanel re-released Holographic. I got so excited in the dream that when I woke up and realized that Holographic was not in fact re-released, I almost cried).

Nail polish is my favorite thing, and I have some fond memories of it, like when my Grandma would take me to get a manicure, starting at the young age of three or four. Grandma would pull out her classic Chanel red, and I would always use her color so we could match (seriously - I dare you to try and find a picture of either me or my Grandma NOT wearing red nail polish). Well, this was the beginning of my love affair with nail polish - one that will surely never end.

I also remember the back to school manicures that my Mommy would take me for. While mani-pedis are nothing new to me, it's always extra special to go for one before school starts. As I've gotten older, even though classic red is still my absolute favorite, I've branched out to other colors (perhaps too day I will show you my ever-growing collection.) Here are my choices for Fall colors. Since nails are the easiest update to any look, why not take advantage of it?

If you could get any polish for a fall update, which one would you choose?

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  1. I want this nail polish collection!
    you chose great colors and I love them

  2. Love the silver nars nail polish! I'm addicted to nail polish as well :)


  3. i'm currently in search for the perfect neon green! essie's mojito madness was PERFECT, but now it's sold out in all stores =(
    i'm contemplating burnt orange and burgundy nails for fall/winter though! =D

  4. what a great lust list for fall colors, sally! i am like you — rare is it that my nails are bare. today is one of those occasions where im letting my nails "breathe" — but will be polishing a purple/gold zoya shade on my nails later today! xo

  5. love these picks! i tend to stick with reds and oranges but this fall i'm excited to get outside my comfort zone a little bit with some amazing nudes, blues, and purples!



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