Saturday, November 17, 2012

gift guide: the boys

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to get our gifting on!

First up: the boys...

1.   A classic peacoat. A never-fail style that every guy should have (and if they don't, buy it!)
2.   A wallet, preferably of the designer variety. A lasting gift that's sure to get a lot of use
(especially with girls like us in their lives!)
3.   Tickets. For the boy who has everything, a night out at a basketball/baseball/
football game (with you or with the guys!) will be unforgettable fun.
4.   Gloves. Everyone expects to receive at least one wintery thing for Christmas.
What they won't expect? Their favorite team's logo. Instant favorite.
5.   A blender, and we're serious. Since we all know boys will be boys, just think of the sheer joy it will bring them to mix together the most random concoction and make a gigantic (contained) mess. Don't be surprised if you find ice cream, peanut butter, cookies, or all of the above in one of these babies later on (and who knows, maybe one day he'll even use it for a protein shake!)

6.   Wireless headphones. Guys love their gadgets, and these are insanely functional.
7. & 8.   If your boys are anything like our brother, they're obsessed with sunglasses & watches.
9.   An extended battery case. We can't describe how much we love this! Pick one up for yourself, too.
10.   Loafers, because at some point, he will try to wear sneakers for a night out. Make sure he doesn't.

So what are you getting the men in your lives this holiday season?! Anything you'd add to the list?

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  1. thanks for the gift guide. its always the boys that I have no idea what to get every year!

  2. I needed this guide, well done girls ! I usually get clothing to my man, or geeky stuff ;) we'll see ! Kisses

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