Monday, November 18, 2013

d.i.y. spiked ear cuff

The fall 2013 runways had all eyes above the neck as ear cuffs emerged as a fresh new way to accessorize. And if the spring collections are any indication, our lobes will continue to enjoy the spotlight next season, too! The perfect solution for the piercing-shy, ear cuffs are the easiest way to add some temporary edge to your look. Here’s how to D.I.Y. your own metal-heavy version to rock now and wear through spring.

What You’ll Need: 16 gauge aluminum wire, spike beads, two paper plates, two sponges, heavy duty epoxy, a pencil, and needle nose pliers

Step 1: Using the pliers, cut a piece of wire so that it’s long enough to wrap around your ear, plus a few extra inches.

Step 2: Thread the spike beads onto the wire, closing off one end of the wire while you work.

Step 3: Place the two sponges on the paper plate and “poke” each end of the wire into each sponge to anchor them, allowing the spikes to hang upside-down.

Step 4: Following package directions, prepare the epoxy on the other paper plate, mixing it together with your pencil.

Step 5: Working quickly so that the epoxy doesn’t dry, use the pencil tip to apply dots of epoxy in between each spike bead so that they stick together. Let dry overnight.

Step 6: When the epoxy has completely dried, close off both ends of the wire by making two “loops” with the pliers. Shape the wire around your ear to ensure a proper fit.

This post originally appeared on StyleCaster (check it out here, and more of our StyleCaster posts, here!)

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