Monday, December 2, 2013

clip-in hair extension how-to

Long, thick hair. Many of us want it, but between our genetics and taking the plunge with daring short haircuts, not all of us have it. As gorgeous as your hair may be, it’s both fun and easy to change up your look with clip-in hair extensions!

What you’ll need: Clip-in hair extensions (we used Pro-Lace Remi Hair Extensions), hairspray, hair clip, teasing comb (or a small round brush) and your favorite brush to smooth your hair

FYI, there are generally two types of clip-in extensions: synthetic extensions and extensions made of real human hair. While both can help you achieve longer and thicker locks temporarily, we recommend buying the real human hair extensions. Though pricier, you’ll be free to curl, straighten, and even dye your extensions, meaning there are endless ways you can style them!

Step 1: Begin with clean, dry, and tangle-free hair. Using your comb, make a part going from ear to ear around the back of your head. Clip up your hair above the part.

Step 2: Tease sections of hair directly beneath the part and closest to the scalp by quickly brushing the comb from the mid shaft of the hair to the roots repeatedly. Spray hairspray on the teased area. This will help create a solid base to securely hold the extensions.

Step 3: Taking the widest hair weft, wedge and clip the hair into the part, securing the clips into the teased hair. Continue the process of parting, teasing, and clipping in the extensions with each section of hair (most hair extensions come with wefts of different widths, so be sure to use the widest for the middle part of your head and the narrower ones for the sides and top of the head for the most natural looking extensions!)

You can either curl or straighten the extensions before or after they’re clipped in based on your preference. Another tip: real clip-in extensions generally are able to hold a curl or style for a minimum of three wears which helps if you’re pressed for time!

Et voilĂ ! Before and after.

This post originally appeared on StyleCaster (check it out here, and more of our StyleCaster posts, here!)

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  1. I can't wait until my hair grows back :) Yours looks so cute

  2. First of all you look gorgeous with darker hair, and second, long hair really suit you! Clip-in hair extensions are a nice solution, even though I've never used them.


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