Monday, November 4, 2013

d.i.y. tory burch-inspired necklace

Tory Burch’s art-inspired fall collection left us lusting for rich, jewel-toned pieces. The opulent accessories, in particular—complete with gilded pendants and chunky tassels—really caught our attention. So, in a few simple steps, we reworked one of our favorite bags from the runway into a statement-making necklace. Read on to find out how to craft your own piece of wearable art!

What You’ll Need: A cardboard jewelry box, silver chain, a tassel, three twist ties, metallic curling ribbon (in gold, blue, and green), orange rhinestones, scissors, a permanent marker, and glue.

Step 1: Using the scissors, poke two holes into one edge of the box (to hold the chain), and one hole in the center of the other (to hold the tassel).

Step 2: Pull each end of the chain through each hole, and secure them with the twist ties. Then, pull the top “loop” of the tassel through the other hole in the box, and secure it with a twist tie.

Step 3: Cut strips of the gold and green ribbon and glue them to the box, layering the gold and green strips throughout.

Step 4: Cut little strips of the gold and blue ribbon to create a “fan” pattern, and glue them to the box. Then, glue a rhinestone on top.

Step 5: After the glue has dried, draw a leaf pattern using the permanent marker. Let the marker ink fully dry before wearing!

Et voilà!

This post originally appeared on StyleCaster (check it out here, and more of our StyleCaster posts, here!)

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