Thursday, August 21, 2014

current obsession | monogram ring

24k Gold Plated Circle Monogram Ring, c/o oNecklace

In the summer, I tend to lighten up a bit on the jewelry front. This monogram ring from oNecklace, however, has still been in heavy rotation! We are monogram obsessed, especially since three little letters can carry a much deeper meaning (these in particular are in honor of my beautiful grandparents).

Check out oNecklace's newly-launched Etsy boutique, here, to shop more beautiful, personalized pieces!

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  1. So delicate & lovely! I LOVE it!! :)

  2. I'm really into minimalistic jewelry at the moment, and even though this one isn't as small as what I would wear, I really like it!

  3. love it!!

  4. I love jewellery pieces like this. Gorgeous ring. xx
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