Sunday, March 20, 2011

ciao bellas,

In true 'sisterly fashion,' we share laughter, we share stories, we share secrets. 
and, most importantly, we share (or, more truthfully, steal) each other's clothes.
And now we're sharing them all with you!

We've amassed quite a collection growing up, and now 
every day is a more polished, grown-up version of dress-up!
(with the same amount of mess, of course. You should see our rooms..)

From clothes to makeup to hairstyles and back again,
we change up our styles almost daily,
but always remain true to our individual tastes.

You will rarely see us decked-out head-to-toe in full designer looks, that'd
just be too easy! (and frankly, uncomfortable!) We like to put our own spin on things.
We believe in mixing: cheaper finds with more expensive, classic pieces.

As our closets grow and shrink at the same time, 
and as we continue to (hopefully!) inspire
and be inspired, come hang out with us! 
(we'll be sure to post plenty of our other fave things along the way)
 and see just what it's like to share in the fun/craziness of being sorelle
(but, no, sorry, you can't borrow that shirt.)

le sorelle
j & s

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