Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the neon debate

A little Twitter banter got me thinking: what to do about neon this fall?! Certainly we've embraced it this summer (see here and here), but I'm not ready to leave it behind.

The Fall 2012 runways sported neon in subtler ways (Fendi, DVF, Acne, even Prada), and I propose we do just that! Some neon on the wrist, on the nails, or on our accessories, and we can hold onto our beloved brights another season! Who's with me?

h&m top, zara shorts, h&m clutch, h&m necklace, j.crew bracelet, hermès bracelet, sorelle in style bracelet (available here),
michael kors sandals (stolen from sally), barefoot anklet c/o jewelmint

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  1. I Love neon! Beautiful look


  2. Love your necklace. I think a little bit of neon is ok, but not a huge fan overall xo

  3. love this outfit!so great!!!love clutch and dress!!xoxo

  4. I totally agree. I'm not ready to leave neon behind yet! Plus, we have at least one more full "summer" month ahead of us here in Greece, so I'm definitely not going to start wearing fall clothes yet.

  5. wow, fantastic necklace <3

    neon color will be great with all that brownies, grays and black this fall, i think it'll look really interesting as a hat or some fake fur collar.

  6. Love neon but I tend to go with small pieces and accessories so it doesn't get too overwhelming. My fave is my neon yellow pumps !

    You look great !

    Check out my new DIY project - A Pretty Nest

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  8. love the neon- such a great outfit!

  9. Love this outfit!! The print on the top is so fun. And that's a great clutch!

    The Blue Hour

  10. There is no debate that this outfit is beyond precious, you are gorgeous, and your blog is fabulous. I am now following and a huge fan.
    If you get a moment, please come check out my latest post!

  11. Great outfit ! I like flashy Colors ! xx

  12. I've been thinking about this too! Too many colored jeans and little pops of neon to just let go. I think it will still be good for nails, but maybe with a wash of golds/browns on top to keep it feeling fall. the lil bit of curl in your hair in this post!

  13. yes to neon. Been looking of ways to incorporate my stuff for fall and subtlety definitely goes a long way. Love your clutch x

  14. 1. I have that necklace & have yet to rock it - I like how you paired it here!
    2. Will neon ever go out of style? I hope not. I could see a pop of neon making an appearance in a muted color scheme this fall. Even if it doesn't, that's the best thing about fashion, dress as you wish!

    Great blog. & I noticed you girls are Walter girls! We'll have to connect sometime we're all in NY! :)

  15. I'm loving the neon trend and I'm so afraid it's going to be over soon! But I'm with you, let's bring neon into the fall!


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