Saturday, August 3, 2013

the want list

j.crew collection cashmere boyfriend sweater (available here), chanel le vernis in bel-argus (available here), saint laurent leather pumps (available here) hermes balcons du guadalquivir printed bracelet (available here), banana republic lightweight scarf (available here), gucci bright bit patent leather shoulder bag (available here)

From navy to dark, from Egyptian to baby, the are countless, beautiful shades of blue. Here are a few of my favorite & timeless blue pieces that can be worn year round, dressed both up & down. I'm currently sporting Chanel's Bel-Argus on my nails, a gorgeous metallic which appears to turn different hues of blue in different lighting. How are you wearing blue this summer?

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  1. Blue always looks good! These are great pieces - love that purse.

  2. Lovely blue things, that shade of blue is so amazing :) ♥

  3. The purse is so pretty! Love it


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