Saturday, June 16, 2012

d.i.y. bleach dipped denim

After spotting these Zara jeans, I just had to bleach something! Too in love with all of my jeans, I headed to Marshalls where I picked up a new pair for $15 (a far cry from Zara's $80 price tag!).

Then it was time to get to work - bleach, jeans, a plastic cup, and 2 buckets.

Instead of filling the bucket with a bleach and water mixture like some tutorials suggested (I tried to and failed miserably!), I held the jeans over the bucket, and with my Daddy's help, we poured bleach over the legs of the jeans (because we used straight-up bleach, it's best to do this outside..).

Growing up, our Daddy always made fun of us for wasting money on distressed jeans - his famous line was, "I could've made those myself much cheaper!" Well, I put him to work to prove it this time!

Then we dunked the jeans in the bleach that collected at the bottom of the bucket a few times.
Make sure the legs get pretty saturated, and make sure you don't brush the undipped part of the jeans against the side of the bucket - you'll get unwanted bleach spots!

Next, the top: Because I wanted the bleach to come to more of a point like it did on the Zara jeans, we had to pour it on with more precision - so we used a plastic cup. Be careful, because the bleach will run a bit!

Then we put the jeans in the second bucket and rinsed them off with a hose.
The jeans will continue to get lighter and lighter even after you rinse them!

Et voila! I left the jeans out to dry overnight, and this was the finished product! Make sure you wash them after, and make sure nothing else is in the machine the first time you wash them, just in case!

Now how shall I wear them..? ;)

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  1. Wow such a cool DIY! I so want to try this on some shorts!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. It came out great, love it!

  3. These are amazing! Have to try this! x

  4. I love doing these type of projects. Well done, they turned out great! xx

  5. Really great!

    X Petra

  6. wow, looking very cool.. great idea! xo

  7. Loved this post! I will definitely try this! I am following you now sweetie! Such a great blog! Follow me back please? ♥

  8. very cool!


  9. Gorgeous DIY ! I absolutely love the dip dyed pants, I'll definitely pimp my old jeans like that. Easy and simple - just the way I like it. :D

    Kisses !

  10. I loved the result! You did a fantastic job!
    You can wear it with a denim blue shirt, or a white one for the first time!

  11. Love these jeans! x

  12. What a cool and fun idea, and you make it look so easy!! Would be cute with shorts too, I think! xo

  13. omg that is such a cute idea!


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  14. I am going to try this... I know I told you about my jeans dyeing dream... so Im off to get bleach (I already have violet dye!).

    Your jeans look so awesome! I really love the way they turned out. xo


  15. Awesome!! Definitely going to try this!! Thanks for sharing!!
    XOXO, Maria from SS

  16. SO CREATIVE! seriously amazing idea; cant wait to try it myself.



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