Tuesday, March 22, 2011


forever 21 sweater, h&m skinny pant, hermès scarf, 
coach bangle, h&m bangle, vintage cocktail ring, tiffany rings
The sun was out and the air was dry, so I decided to bring my Hermès scarf out of hibernation. Since middle school, whenever birthday money was burning a hole in my pocket (or, weighing me down - I'm a huge saver), I would splurge on one classic piece. Thankfully I had the sense even at a young age to invest in an Hermès scarf. It's timeless and elegant and transforms my whole look (and mood!) every time I put it on, even in the most simplest of outfits. It's also incredibly versatile - I've worn it as a scarf, belt, head wrap, (even as a top!) on many occasions. Today I decided to twist it up and put my own spin on the turban trend. Perhaps a bit much for a morning spent in the library, but a girl needs something to get her through endless amounts of reading!

No sleep 'til every "to-do" is crossed off my list..HA

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