Thursday, March 31, 2011

the want list

So here's the deal...
My sister Sally has a fairly extensive list of "wants." (And by fairly extensive, I mean endless..) Every day her list grows longer, and every minute my patience runs thinner (love ya, Sals! ; ) ). There are only so many times I can hear the words "I want" and "I need" in a 24 hour period without going absolutely crazy. The thing is, the girl's got great taste! And sometimes her "wants" turn into my "wants" as well (although I'll rarely admit it, I'll just steal them from her when she finally gets what she wants!). So from time to time, Sally will be showing off her "want" list here (minus the whining!). And trust me, if the things she chooses make it to this point, they're true "wants," and will most likely become a part of your want list as well!

shashi double nugget bracelet (available here), tory burch metallic logo clutch (available here), o.p.i’s suzi loves cowboys nail lacquer (available here), report signature juno pumps (available here), t by alexander wang classic jersey t-shirt (available here)

I’ve been looking for a simple yet pretty bracelet for quite some time, one that isn’t over-the-top and that won’t weigh me down, and this Shashi one seems to meet my requirements.

While I am well-aware that I have an extensive collection of bags, I believe that there is no such thing as having too many. This Tory Burch metallic logo clutch has caught my eye.

I haven’t had a manicure in a very long time…well maybe it’s only been a week that I have no polish on my nails but still, it’s a long time for me! While Jilly refuses to go to a salon to get her nails done (I really cannot comprehend why someone wouldn’t want to sit and be pampered) I enjoy having my nails polished. O.P.I’s nail lacquer in Suzi Loves Cowboys is a color that I’d love to try.

These nude Report Signature Juno Pumps are perfect. I want.

T-Shirts. I can never have enough t-shirts. I’m loving this T by Alexander Wang Classic Jersey T-Shirt. It looks light enough to wear during the hotter-seasons of the year. It seems like it’s begging to be worn under a black blazer and paired with some dark skinny jeans.

[images via polyvore]

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