Saturday, April 2, 2011


american apparel top, american apparel leggings, 
banana republic scarf, tory burch cuff, tiffany rings
Not my most glamorous look, but I needed something practical for a day full of shopping and errands - trust me, multiple trips in and out of dressing rooms made this outfit well-worth it! Today's mission: lawyer attire. Mission: accomplished, thanks to an adorable little skirt-suit from Banana Republic.
I couldn't go accessory-less though, so I gave my wrist a little lift with one of my Tory Burch cuff bracelets (I have a clear one as well). It's a really fun, simple piece that still makes a statement. I love all things Tory Burch - for me, the line just joyfully screams "summer!"

Although I'll now be well-suited for my upcoming oral argument, I must start preparing the argument itself (unfortunately, my clothes cannot speak for me - though wouldn't that be nice..)

Meeting adjourned ;)

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  1. That Tory B cuff is great. I've been looking for a big dark cuff and it seems like you've found the perfect one!


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