Tuesday, March 29, 2011

rebel rebel

rugby jacket, american apparel top, bitten jean shorts, j crew scarf, 
j crew bracelet, kors michael kors heels, tiffany rings
I threw on some heels today, mainly because I needed a little mood-boost (heels can do that, you know!) and partly because I had an early day at school (heels can hurt, too - especially when you're carrying around an extra 10 lbs. of books!). Granted, I may have been slightly under-clothed for the temperature, but I'm not letting a 20 degree void stop me - it's supposed to be warmer! Adding to my spring-rebel look are my Bitten shorts from Sarah Jessica Parker's shortly lived but sorely missed clothing line (sigh).
I've recently become obsessed with the jean-shorts-and-stockings look,
and these shorts are one of the many I have to pull it off!

My scarf and bracelet are both J. Crew. The scarf hardly provides any warmth, but certainly ups the color factor in my otherwise monochromatic wardrobe (I seriously need to inject some brightness..). My bracelet, again, has the same big and chunky jewels I'm loving right now,
pretty edgy for J. Crew, perfect for me! ;)

Off to do some outlining,

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