Monday, November 14, 2011

red riding hood

This weekend we had such gorgeous weather - perfect for a little jaunt around Grandma's property, which
looks even more stunning this time of year! It's hard to believe it's already the middle of November...

ralph lauren sweater coat (stolen from mommy's closet - similar style here), sweetees for barneys coop dress, hue tights (available here), frye boots (available here), h&m clutch (similar style here), ray ban wayfarer sunglasses (available here), vintage cocktail ring (similar style here)

A very productive weekend all around - got some good studying in and picked up two new pairs of jeans
on a shopping trip with lovey! What do you think about electric blue and brick red?? Get excited.

Now it's back to being a slave to my textbooks.
One month and counting until finals are DONE.

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  1. Jilly, I ADORE this look on you! And yes, I'm excited about the jeans xoxo

  2. Thank you for your comment :) Of course I'm following you back!


  3. LOVE your coat! Amazing color and style!
    And the scenery is fantastic!

  4. love how you have combined a military trend with a kind of boheimien trend as it works really well :)

  5. Oh, man, good luck with studying. I'm so glad those days are behind me!

    You look INCREDIBLE though. I'm so jealous of that coat. I may have to find a way to steal it through the internet!

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  6. love your coat!

  7. Love love your coat! Definitely a great piece in your closet, it's lovely to see pictures outside, they came out real pretty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. GORGEOUS outfit! In love with the Jacket and boots :)

  9. Gorgeous jacket, honey !

    Love the pictures, you look soooo cute. Fairytale-y. <3

    Kisses !


  10. that coat is gorgeous! your really do look like little red riding hood haha! and these photos are so cute! love the whole outfit :)


  11. amazing coat you red riding hood ;)

    x x x

  12. such an awesome coat

  13. Your coat is so beautiful and I love how you paired it with the pretty white dress :) beautiful post

  14. Beautiful coat! I love that you combined it with a soft, romantic dress.


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