Monday, December 5, 2011

gold rush

Having planned a last-minute Starbucks run, I had to
quickly change out of my pj's and put something suitable on.

Throwing this outfit together in a minute was the easy part...the not so easy part was dealing with my knotty, naturally curly/wavy hair that I slept on the previous night. I quickly put my hair up in a high pony, but decided to give it an instant upgrade by fishtail braiding it.

forever 21 motorcycle jacket (similar style here), h&m sweater (similar style here), ralph lauren necklace (similar style here), american apparel leggings (available here), payless brash slingback pumps (available here), chanel clutch

After adding a little mascara, eyeliner and burgundy lipstick, I grabbed my Chanel clutch and was off to meet friends for my favorite: a tall skim-milk chai tea latte.

As for the pup, he was just looking too cute not to take a picture of!

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  1. that color (lipstick) look so great on you!I hope you can check out my blog for one +vibes and inspiration! I am also hosting a one a kind giveaway, a feather hair accessory ($16 retail), by The Gray Deer!

  2. I like your necklace.. and your lipstick shade :)
    Please LIKE my Facebook page :)

  3. Love your necklace and clutch!!!

  4. Oh you look stunning, bet you were the best dressed at SB! That necklae is gorgeous!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. Amazing outfit! You look fantastic!

  6. Perfect for a quick dash to the cute Chanel clutch xoxo

  7. i adore the necklace and leather jacket!

  8. Your jacket is absolutely stunning!! you look lovely!:)Xx

  9. lovely outfit! the necklace looks gergeous!

  10. great blog!!! following you now...visit my blog for my international christmas giveaway!!!



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