Monday, May 14, 2012

rocking out

I am DONE with my final final of the semester! This calls for a celebration. While the rest of my classmates will be (gainfully?) employed over the summer, I will be slacking off and loving every bit of it. BUT, before you jump to conclusions about me and my (practically non-existant) work ethic, I'll let you know I have a few tricks up my sleeve and some fun things in the works, like a little field trip tomorrow with the Refinery 29 peeps!

I'll give you a hint: it seems my mane is in high demand these days..

joie jacket (similar style here), led zeppelin tee (available here), j brand jeans (available here), another line belt (similar style here), alexander wang lia bag (available here), payless booties (similar style here)

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  1. Great shirt. Have fun on your field trip! can't wait to read about it .


  2. You rock! Congrats for finishing your exams! I'm you have a fantastic summer ahead of you. And can't wait to see what you'll do.

  3. u go girl - if i didn't have to work and i could just 'play' - oh hellz yea i would! - ENJOY it up!!!

    *Much Bliss*
    Erika~Tiptoe Butterfly~

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  4. That first picture is awesome! Love this outfit, especially the pants!

  5. great shoes


  6. Go strong girl! \m/

  7. Uhm so into this entire outfit. And congrats on finishing your final final!!

  8. lovely outfit! I love that shade of green with white :)


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